The Magic of Fundraising (1/2016)

Fundraising is an optimized mailing? Fundraising is a user-friendly website? Fundraising is donor-ROI and recovery rate? No, if you leave all the pretty and useful fundraising tools away that we have developed over time, then the fundraiser is all alone again – nothing is between him and the donor. Then fundraising is once again great theater, drama, excitement and emotion.

Fundraiser and donor are face to face. All concentration is directed at the close. The fundraiser stands there with his bare hands, he has only his charisma and the virtuosity of language. And in the end: grand finale, when the donor claps in the outstretched hand.

What Andreas Schiemenz desribes in his book “Das persönliche Gespräch – Fundraising durch Überzeugung”  (The Personal Conversation – Fundraising by Conviction) is fundraising in its pure form. Fundraising as a personal plea for a donation. It is the highest art of fundraising – and Andreas Schiemenz, who moved from sales to fundraising, masters this art like no other in German fundraising. This makes his authentic book, which, as one notices,  consists fully of personal thoughts and experiences by the author, more than clear. Under the slogan “Not donated, he has already” Andreas Schiemenz takes chapter by chapter away our fear of asking the donor request.

The reward is an incredible feeling of happiness. Andreas Schiemenz experiences it three times: when the donor makes his commitment and when the NGO receives  the money on their bank account. But above all, when the donor says thank you that he was given the opportunity to help. What a feeling of joy! At one stroke, two people made happy – the one who received help and the one who has given help.

That’s magic. The magic of fundraising.